“Greek Language and Culture” 2023

The programme includes courses and lectures on Modern Greek Language (Levels A2 – B1) and Greek culture with emphasis on the region of Thrace.

Modern Greek Language (Levels A2 – B1):

A five-day course in Modern Greek Language (Levels A2 – B1) with emphasis on the comprehension of different textual genres, the composition of letters, emails, greeting cards, the narration of events and the description of objects, buildings and people in oral or written form.

Greek culture with emphasis on the region of Thrace:

The students will attend lectures on Greek culture with emphasis on the region of Thrace, will practice learning traditional Thracian dances, will be guided in museums, archaeological sites and important monuments of the region and will participate in cultural events of the city of Komotini.

Why should you be part of this ERASMUS BIP Blended Intensive Programme?

These intensive courses include a wide range of activities for foreign students studying Greek language and literature, aimed at developing all language skills, i.e. the production and comprehension of written and spoken language. Along with the teaching of the Greek language, students will be in direct contact with native speakers. Lectures and educational excursions to archaeological and historical sites, museums, places of unique natural beauty, discussions and communication with locals, practicing in traditional Thracian dances, trying new tastes and flavours, and attending concerts or visiting local festivals are an integral part of this experience, which will allow students in this short period of time to deepen their knowledge of Greece and to understand of the country’s traditions, customs, art, literature and history. Through this multifaceted educational experience, students are given the opportunity to expand their cognitive abilities and get a feel for Greco-Roman culture, strengthening so their European consciousness. It can also be a great way to meet new people and make connections. For future plans on working or conducting business in Greece, knowing the Greek language and culture can give the students a competitive advantage. It can also open up opportunities in fields such as tourism, education, and translation. Participants will receive a certificate amounting to 3 ECTS to use at their home university. The participation in this programme will be a rewarding experience that can enrich students’ personal and professional life.

20 students can be a part of this ERASMUS BIP Blended Intensive Programme, expenses for travelling and accommodation are supported by Erasmus+.

Duration of the programme with physical presence: 24-30 September 2023
Timeframe of physical presence activities: 25-29 September 2023 (5 hours per day)
Distance activities: 21.09.2023 (2 hours) – Preparation and Instructions, 03.10.2023 (2 hours) – Consolidation activities and 4.10.2023 (2 hours) – Class Wrap Up Activities.

ERASMUS BIP Blended Intensive Programme: “Greek Language and Culture” at the Democritus University of Thrace, Department of Greek Philology in Komotini / Greece.